Heartbreaks & Second Chances

Heartbreaks is the worst feeling in the world, heartbreaks usually takes place on a couple. When you felt heartbreak you feel like you’re shattering like a porcelain glass who used to be very perfect that no one can even barely hold it. Why does heartbreak occurs to everyone?

As a youth, I want to start off my first blog with a very common, yet astonishing topic, which is about heartbreaks. Even though I’m still young, heartbreaks usually happen to me and those was so painful, I don’t know why it usually happen to me, all I know is it’s because I let a person enter my life and let her use me and let her lead my life until I have nothing left and suddenly she’ll leave me like every other person who enters my life. Will I be dumber if I let her enter my life after all the pains? What if I really love her? Can another chance make everything alright?

Your heart is like a house full of appliances, decorations and ornaments, but one day while you we’re sleeping you forgot to close the door and a burglar with tattered shirt enters your house, you woke up and the burglar said “Oh my precious lady, I’m here because I want to clean your house, go back to sleep you’ll not be stressed out” (I know that sounds so dumb, but if you look at the bigger picture, someone out there can make us fall through their precious words and that’s why you sleep again because you thought the that person won’t hurt you). The moment you woke up, everything was gone, and the burglar left you nothing, one day while you we’re busy decorating your broken house someone knocks at your door, the moment you open the door you saw the burglar wearing fancy clothes saying “I’m sorry for what I’ve done, please let me in once again to recover your house”. Are you that kind of person who will let the person enter your heart again, or are you the one who will slam the door and heal all the wounds that was caused by the person who’s saying she wants to make everything alright?

As we saw in some movies, it is usually ended with a happy ending, since we we’re kids we usually think that every relationships ends up by getting married. As I grow older, I kept realizing that in relationship, there’s a time where you and your partner have to separate because of several reasons. While you we’re dealing with heartbreak, you’re learning something from it, and that was being strong and invincible.

Slamming the door to a person who hurts you badly is not always the answer, if you see his/her sincerity to you, give him/her a second chance but this time don’t give what you all have, test him how sorry he/she was. If a person really loves you, they will accept all the consequences they have to feel.








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