Is love really the powerful thing on earth?

Everyone said that love is the most powerful thing on earth, but sometimes I even ask myself, is really love the most powerful thing on earth? if yes, then why everyone have hunger for money and not hunger for love? Why people intend to be rich than to have many friends who will love them unconditionally?

Money is used to survive since the 1300’s and they earn money by working very hard because they think that the more money they have, the more powerful they are. This kind of thinking was implemented to us even today, even our politicians stole money from their fellowmen just to be rich and powerful, they don’t think on the effect of stealing money from their fellowmen and they don’t care if you earned your money by your hard-work, all they want is to be rich and their love from their heart keeps shrinking and replaced by growing selfishness.

Luckily, some people are not selfish and they’re willing to help others even though they have nothing left. This morning while I was walking down to street, I saw a beggar outside a fast-food chain then suddenly, while I was about to approach the beggar, a man gave her a burger, fries and soda, I was so happy because even though the world has so many problems, even though we work very hard to earn money, we are still able to help people who needs our help. Do you know why rich people from poor family intend to help others? Because they know how it felt to be poor and it was very hard, so they don’t want others to feel it.

Money can be used as a good thing and a bad thing, you can use money to help others who are in need and to help someone surpass their problems. Money can be a bad thing if you are self-centered, you don’t care about about others who needs your help, being luxurious is not a bad thing because you can use it to paid yourself to your hard word, but too much being luxurious is bad because someone out there is starving and doesn’t have home, instead help them.

As a youth, I’m not writing on my blog to earn lots of money, my purpose is to wake people up on what’s happening to the world and they must fight back to their selfishness to make this world better. For me, money isn’t the most powerful thing, we are the most powerful thing because we can take controls on everything and we can do anything we want, but love is the most powerful force on the universe because love can make us more close to each other’s heart and love can prevent rivalry, competitions between one another and even wars. Please stand up and make everything better





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